About Me

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I am originally from Nashville, TN and now reside in the Liberty Township, Ohio area. I have attended three universities (Florida State University, University of Georgia, and Tennessee State University) in my academic career, which is great because I am a college football fan. Go Dawgs!?! Go Noles!?!

I finished a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Tennessee State University in 2010. I have been working with clients in therapy since 2004. I enjoy the work that I do a lot – it is very rewarding.

Personally, I am married with four children and two step-daughters.  I love and adore my family. Being a father is a source of both pride and satisfaction (and occasional aggravation) to me. I love sports, football and baseball being my favorites. I also enjoy listening to music and attending concerts. I have even written for an online music magazine (The Fire Note). I believe there is a lot of living to do and want to be able to help my clients live more fully.